Principles of Health Care Reform

In order to keep Minnesotans healthy and provide the highest quality healthcare, the Minnesota Health Plan:

(1) ensures that all Minnesotans receive high quality health care, regardless of their income;

(2) does not restrict, delay, or deny care or reduce the quality of care to hold down costs, but instead reduce costs through prevention, efficiency, and reduction of bureaucracy;

(3) covers all necessary care, including all coverage currently required by law, complete mental health services, chemical dependency treatment, prescription drugs, medical equipment and supplies, dental care, long-term care, and home care services;

(4) allows patients to choose their own providers;

(5) is funded through premiums and other payments based on the person's ability to pay, so as not to deny full access to any Minnesota resident;

(6) focuses on preventive care and early intervention to improve the health of all Minnesota residents and reduce costs from untreated illnesses and diseases;

(7) ensures an adequate number of qualified health care professionals and facilities to guarantee availability of, and timely access to quality care throughout the state;

(8) continues Minnesota's leadership in medical education, training, research, and technology; and

(9) provides adequate and timely payments to providers.