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There is a large body of literature on health care reform, single-payer financing and organizing to effect change. Any of us associated with the Campaign for the Minnesota Health Plan would be happy to help. My address is joel [at] mnhealthplan [dot] org.

The most authoritative text for Minnesotans, and perhaps all others, is Kip Sullivan's The Health Care Mess: How We Got Into It and How We'll Get Out Of It. This is a thorough exploration of health reform alternatives and a defense of of the single-payer approach based to a large degree on the Minnesota experience. It's a terrific book! Look for it at Amazon or Micawber's Book Shop.

An excellent, easy-to-digest comparative international prespective is provided by T. J. Reid's The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care. Also highly recommended.

Among the many possible Web sites (aside from this one), check those of Health Care for All - Minnesota and Greater Minnesota Health Care Coalition for state issues and that of Physicians for a National Health Program for a nation-wide perspective. PNHP has a dynamic Minnesota chapter with excellent guidance for the provider community from the state perspective.

The Frequently Asked Questions is a very substantial defense that sums it up neatly.

Our Readings selection has grown quite a bit but remains a useful compendium of one editor's take on the best non-book sources for Minnesota reformers.

The Resources selection grew from the library of documents compiled for advocacy training and is a good place to go if you would like to make a difference but do not know how to begin