About The Campaign

The Campaign for the Minnesota Health Plan is a collaborative effort of the Greater Minnesota Health Care Coalition and the Minnesota Universal Health Care Coalition and their coalition partners across the state.

Launched in 2008, the Campaign for the MN Health Plan is a grassroots movement to enact single-payer health care for the state of Minnesota. The Campaign for the Minnesota Health Plan is committed to creating a health care system that is fairly and sustainably financed, assures affordable health care to all and returns health care decisions to the doctor patient relationship.

Quite simply, the Minnesota Health Plan costs less and covers more. It is fiscally responsible and efficient and will give EVERY Minnesotan what they really want, the peace of mind knowing they have affordable coverage that can’t be taken away and the choice of whatever doctor that they think is best for them. No meddling or restrictions by insurance companies, no pages of fine print. Health care when you need it, because that’s what every Minnesotan deserves.
To get involved please join one of our sponsoring organizations. Click on the links below for more information or to sign up.

Greater Minnesota Health Care Coalition
Health Care for All - Minnesota
Physicians for a National Health Program - Minnesota
We also work in close cooperation with:
Great Northern States Health Care Initiative
Universal Health Care Action Network - MN